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As well as modern mobile disco equipment A good party DJ needs a comprehensive music collection. We bring thousands of records to each party but the ones that make the night memorable are the 70 to 80 that are actually played. Its not just the choice available but the djs ability to read the crowd and know what will work in that environment and what will not.

Although everyone has different tastes in music we find in a party situation people often go with the flow and if the DJ can find the right 70 to 80 music track a process of group cohesion will occur. In the perfect party situation everyone develops a collective feeling of goodwill and even if they are not keen on a particular record will still join in the fun. What we aim for is the middle ground. If its a mixed aged group then the latest chart music with the greatest floor fillers will probable be a good mix. If its a theme night party like an 80's pop party or a 70's disco night then we will aim for the most danceable tracks and not waste time on a tune that people cant remember or did not fill the dance floor when it was first released, A party for teenagers will mostly include the latest chart music including requests, concentrating on the groups preferred music styles. We never try to "educate" our audience into appreciating the music we like. Instead its our job to work out what will work best and get everyone involved.

At a party every record the DJ plays should be in reaction to how well the one before it was received. During a very long party or a party with not many guest's to refresh the dance floor, its sometimes a good idea to give everyone a break. This gives them a chance to have a drink and a chat etc and also gives the DJ a chance to play some requested music that would not fit in otherwise. This might seem a strange idea but its best to maintain a state of group behavior. If people are getting hot and thirsty they will disappear from the dance floor in ones and twos, so its best lower the tempo and get everyone to walk of the dance in one go, let everyone take a breather and drop the volume a fraction so they can have a chat. A party is a complex environment of social interaction meeting with friends and talking and not just about the dancing. That said after a short break everyone will be set to join in and because its often the ladies who start the dancing this time when they come back to the dance floor they normally drag their previously bar propping partners with them.

The music sets the tone for the evening and can take party goers on a emotional rollocoaster. Too loud, too quite, too fast, or too slow is all a matter of timing. A good DJ will be able to read the crowd and create the perfect party atmosphere. Check our recommendation section to find out what makes us different and that we always deliver what we promise.