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If you are looking for professional Party DJ in Wembley or a mobile disco in Brent North London, we have a great disco deal for you. Pro Mobile Disco has the DJ experience to make your party perfect and are available at reasonable hire rates. Some people think a DJ is only playing records, anyone can do it. That is as true as saying anyone can pick up a paint brush, but it doesn't mean anyone can paint a masterpiece. To be a good party DJ a natural ability to read the crowd is essential but the main thing a party DJ needs is the experience of performing at all kinds of functions. Unfortunately this experience can only come with time and making lots of mistakes.

We think that every party is unique and the DJ will need the experience to adapt to the unexpected. A floor filling smash might work great at one party, but on a different day and to a different audience the same tune might be just the tune to clear the dance floor. Likewise a brilliant new tune may be unknown and unfamiliar to 95% of the audience and will also cause a march to the bar. In a party situation people tend to enjoy music which would be totally different to what they would listen to at home. For example, played at the right time a record like Y.M.CA will have a fantastic party effect (this is not always the case) however not many people would want this tune in there personal cd collection.What the DJ play depends on several factors, most important of which is what type of party it is and what the age ranges are.

Some people think as long as the mobile disco is cheap enough it will be good enough, we would have to disagree. The truth is, after the party most people will only remember how good the entertainment was. If you are on tight budget its best cut back on the things people don't remember and not the DJ service you hire. Most people would regret letting an inexperienced DJ experiment on their special occasion.

Even if it's a friend who has offered to provide the DJ entertainment free, think carefully, most of the last minute frantic phone calls we get are because a friend who has offered to DJ has pulled out at the last minute. Ask yourself if you had a friend who was a good plumber, builder or car mechanic etc would they say Ill do the job for free. If they were professional they would be in high demand, and would not have the time to do jobs for free. It may well be the case that they probably are not in high demand and as such may turn out to be rubbish, thus spoiling your big night, which could ruin your friendship.

Mobile Discos in Wembley, Brent north London

For any successful party its the music that's the main thing and getting the balance right is all important. What ever type of party you are planning, only by hiring an experienced and versatile DJ with a professional Mobile disco will you ensure your special occasion will be the unforgettable celebration you are planning for. Check our DJ reviews page which shows we always deliver what we promise. For more info on mobile discos in Brent check the rest of the website or call Cathy for a great disco deal.